Website health check

"We do have a website but please don't judge us by it"

If you've ever used the above words or similar (and we've heard them said more than once) then it's time to look at having your website re-designed. Your website, alongside your company logo is a visual representation of your brand and identitiy - it's your most important marketing tool.

Below are the obvious visual signs that your website is out of date:

Website doesn't adapt to mobile devices

People's browsing habits have changed dramatically in the past few years. We're now far more likely to access websites through our phones and tablets whilst sat on the sofa than hunched over a computer monitor – especially when browsing from home. Responsive websites overcome this by adapting their layout to suit the device they are being viewed on. Google now favours sites that utilise responsive design and offers a suite of tools so you can assess how your site stacks up:

Website uses small, hard-to-read fonts

As screen resolutions have increased so too have font sizes. The recommended font size for standard body text has increased from 10pts back in the early 2000s up to 12pts and now, typically 14-16 pts.

Website looks out-of-date

Design trends change and generally reflect the style that suits the primary device. As websites move more and more towards mobile we see an emphasis on layouts and visual elements that look and function well on those devices.

Other signs that your site needs to be updated

Aside from the obvious visual signs you may have run into one or more of the following:

  • The business has evolved and the website is promoting an old message
  • Limited capacity for adding new content as the underlying structure of the website fails to adapt to new requirements
  • Working with the Content Management System is diffcult
  • Declining traffic as the website slips away from the radar of search engines

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